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Badlands Off Road Park

The Badlands Off Road Park is located in western Indiana and offers a huge area to play. Everything from sand dunes, woods, creek beds, steep climbs, and mud bogs.

Indy FJ Cruisers

Stated by "Yellow Short Bus" to promote the FJ community, Indy FJ Cruisers has grown into a rather large group. Mainly meeting up during the warmer months for get togethers and grub.

FJ Cruiser Forums

Widely known as "THE" online FJ Cruiser reference community. Setup an account and join the conversation. Plenty of "mod" how-to's, repair tutorials, and local meet-up's.

Tread Lightly

Tread Lightly's mission is to promote responsible recreation through their education programs. Visit their site to learn how to enjoy our outdoors and leave it a better place.

Guide to Overlanding in National Parks

The Beginner's Guide to Overlanding in National Parks is a resource to help get you out exploring the less traveled back country parts of National Parks. The guide from NPSC features 6 of the best National Parks for overlanding as well as information to plan your trip and explore our National Parks.

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