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How do I know if my bearings need replaced?

Easy. Lift the front corner off the ground to clear the tire. Hold the tire at the top and bottom (12 & 6) and shake the tire. If it moves, there are two possible issues, bearings or ball joints. Next, look inside the tire and shake it again. If the spindle is still and the axle is moving with the tire, you have bad bearings. If the spindle moves with the tire and axle, you have a bad ball joint.

What parts manufacturers do we use?

All of our Bearing/Hub assemblies use parts from Timken, Dorman, and Toyota. Timken uses the same Koyo rollers and races found in the OEM bearings and are known for their top quality seals. The Hub is Dorman and the mount bolts and O-ring are Toyota.

How does our quality compare?

We are proud to say our Pre-Assembled units are among the best quality parts you can find.

Do we use any "re-maned" parts?

Absolutely not. All of our parts and assemblies are new.

Will our parts fit your truck?

If you have a 4 wheel drive FJ Cruiser, YES.

If you have a 4 wheel drive Tacoma or 4 Runner, Probably.

Check the parts description for the specific years these units fit. All of our hubs are for the 4x4 trucks. We don't, currently, have the 2 wheel drive hubs.

How long should the bearings last?

Well, that depends on a lot of factors. We all know that bearings are a "wear" item and do need to be replaced from time to time. The biggest factors that seem to shorten bearing life are not replacing the spindle seal with new bearings and running offset wheels/wheel spacers.

What's the story on wheel spacers, anyway?

The easiest way to start an argument among off roaders is to bring up wheel spacers. But, sometimes they are a necessary evil. Not everyone can afford to replace their wheels with custom offsets. However, regardless of whether you use custom offset wheels or wheel spacers, the results are the same for your bearings. It's bad.

Toyota has designed the wheel bearing to be placed in a certain location in relation to the tire and to handle the weight of the truck from that spot. By moving the wheel away from the face of the hub, the load is changed to have more side load at the top and bottom (12 & 6) of the bearing. (the tire wants to fold in at the top) The bearing is not designed for this type of load and will wear more quickly, regardless of whether custom offsets or spacers are used.

Now, that's not to say don't use spacers or custom offsets. I run spacers on my truck to get my tires away from the upper control arm. I just know that the cost of doing so is shorter bearing life.

Does Mid States Off Road do installation?

Unfortunately, we don't have the facilities to offer installation, at this time.

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